Founded in 1997, the American Religion and Literature Society (ARLS) is a member society with the American Literature Association. ARLS explores the mutual influence of religion and literature in American culture. We welcome a variety of scholarly approaches and methodologies that will put the traditional religion and literature canon in conversation with new texts and perspectives. Literary artifacts may include, but are not restricted to, print texts such as novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction prose from any period of American history. Religious and spiritual experience may be broadly construed, favoring no religious creed or affiliation.

For all inquiries, please contact information officer Andrew Ball: ball@math.harvard.edu


ARLS Officers:

President                           Ryan Siemers  ryansiemers@suu.edu

Vice President                 Kathryn Ludwig  kludwig@bsu.edu

Treasurer                          Ray Horton  rhorton3@murraystate.edu

Information Officer       Andrew Ball  ball@math.harvard.edu

Media Officer                  AnaMaria Seglie Clawson  anamaria.clawson@snc.edu

ARLS Advisory Board: 

Dawn Coleman, Associate Professor of English, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Christopher Douglas, Professor of English, University of Victoria 
Tracy Fessenden, Professor of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, Arizona State University 
Sharon Kim, Professor of English, Judson University 
Vincent P. Pecora, Professor of English, University of Utah 
Catherine Rogers, Retired Faculty, Savannah State


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